Finding The Perfect Nursing Career For Your Particular Degree

Entering into the field of nursing is a great calling for many women and men.  The ability to help someone when they are sick or injured gives us a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that many other jobs can’t offer.  When going to school there are many different degree programs for medical personal to take.  The FNP degree is one of those such degrees.

Family Nurse Practitioner or FNP for short is a highly specialized nursing degree that allows those who have it a wide range of opportunities in the medical field.  In order to obtain one of these degrees you first need to have a BSN degree and all other levels of education that come before it.

FNP degreemenopause issues

Who are the primary patients for someone with an FNP degree?

When obtaining this degree your primary patients will be families.  In many cases it can go into specific areas of medicine and care but overall you will be doing the same tasks as a nurse but on a higher level.


When getting your degree you will have a lot of options as a practice.  For a wide range of Family Nurse Practitioners, the ability to work in smaller scaled offices is what draws them to this line of work.  Also, in many practices they will focus on a specific age group such as kids three and up to teen age or have a specific set criteria that they will follow.

Preventative medicine

One area that you can work in is preventative medicine.  This is where finding out issues before they become full blow is done.  Education, therapy and medications along as other techniques are used in this area of treatment.

Women’s health

Women’s health is a large part of these types of degrees as well.  This can be broken down into even more specific issues such as pregnancy care, post pregnancy, menopause issues and more.  Anything to do with women’s health can fall within this degree.


For those who love working with children getting this degree will set you down the path to work in pediatrics.  Having the opportunity to see babies, young children and help make feel better or ensure that they remain in good health is a plus for many nurses.

Chronic Care Management

Things like chronic pain need to be resolved as well.  When we have joint pain the quality of life patients goes down dramatically.  Being able to address these issues, give trigger point injections and even find alternate therapies are possible in this type of practice.

Getting this degree will open up a wide range of job opportunities.  Since this degree really gives you the skills of a nurse, doctor and more the opportunities are endless.  For those who really want to get into the heart of specialized medicine and really help families with their care this is the degree program that you will want to focus on.  It will give you a fun and rewarding career.