3 Reasons Only Professionals Should Move Pianos

Moving a piano isn’t as easy as it seems – these large instruments can be extremely heavy and awkwardly shaped. Professional piano movers are a great choice for several reasons.

Eliminate Damage

Pianos are valuable and often sentimental items that you do not want to become damaged during your move. No matter why you want to take your piano along with you to the new home, professional movers can get it there without damage. These experts have tools and experience in handling pianos of all kinds and can reduce the chance of any damage occurring to your instrument.

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Reduce Injury

Some pianos can weigh more than a thousand pounds, which is not possible to move safely without the right equipment and technique. St. petersburg fl piano movers are trained and skilled in moving pianos of many different shapes and sizes, so they are much less likely to get injured when getting the piano loaded and unloaded. They’re also covered by their company insurance policy for any injuries while you would not be covered, which means you’re responsible for your own injuries.


Stairs are something that should be considered before even attempting to move a piano on your own. Moving something that weighs several hundred pounds is difficult already but adding in going up or down stairs makes it a nearly impossible task without the proper tools, knowledge, and technique. Taking the wrong step can mean damage to individuals and the piano, so let professionals handle the stairs.

Pianos are beautiful instruments, but they are notoriously difficult to get in and out of homes. If you’re moving to a new place and want to bring your piano along, consider working with piano moving professionals to reduce the risk of damage, injury, and time spent maneuvering the instrument.